What is IBSHD


The board was established to raise the level of education in the Arab world in particularand the international world in particular in general and payments to teachers to raise their level and their training and educational capabilities to reach the achievement of international board membership standards and help them promote themselves in a professional manner.

Who's Us

is a licensed facility that grants local and international accreditations. It specializes in achieving the highest quality standards in education and training in private and public institutions. We at the International Board of Human Development Scholars are concerned with providing a high-level model for Arab administrative performance. Our pillar is to support the professionalism of training, administrative consulting, and human development. Our goal is to provide an integrated series of expertise and training and advisory services for specialized managers with a committed and effective performance characterized by distinction and interest, reinforcing the board's leadership in the dissemination and exchange of international


Our vision is to invest in minds and brains, a beacon of knowledge in education, to be a distinguished and pioneering model in training, management consulting, and an operating tool by assuming leadership in excellence and creativity, and training-oriented education and creating an environment for intellectual excitement, competition, and partnership in a variety of future fields. In various fields and fields, high-quality training courses and consultations in scientific and practical research, creative consultations and creative expression, and in active participation with government agencies concerned with cultural development to achieve cultural development in the world. We are committed to professional quality and professional ethics, and we are granted board membership. Only for qualified trainers and academics who have met the criteria for board membership or for those who have certificates in training from the board or well-known legal entities.

Work With Us

The board opens the door for membership to individuals, educational institutions and training departments, and grants its membership to applicants after they meet the criteria. The board offers a multi-track of memberships. The membership of the board would open wider horizons for its members in the world of learning and training, which they would go through armed with one of the most important international certificates, supported by an international board that only professional and distinguished people can obtain accreditation.

Membership Path :

  • Certified trainer membership
  • Training Consultant Membership
  • Experienced Trainer Membership
  • Board fellowship membership
  • International trainer membership